UbuntuUI Dialog

Dialogs are modal full-screen popups that prevent other GUI interactions with the application until dismissed.

Dialogs wrap arbitrary markup.

Dialogs are declared at the top level inside the <em>content</em> div.


<div data-role="content">
      <div data-role="pagestack">
      <div data-role="dialog" id="dialogID">

    JavaScript access:
    var dialog = UI.dialog("dialogID");
  • Methods

DOMElement element() Returns the DOM element associated with the id this widget is bind to.

Returns: <DOMElement>

var mydialog = UI.dialog("dialogid").element();

hide() Hide a dialog by removing ‘active’ class

show() Display a dialog by adding ‘active’ CSS class

toggle() Toggle a dialog, which means removing its ‘active’ class if it has one, or adding the ‘active’ class if it does not have one