UbuntuUI Popover

A Popover is a div containng markup that can pop up and disappear. (Unlike a Dialog, Popovers are not full screen.)

A Popoves often contain a List whose items are connected to useful JavaScript functions.

######Popover Position The Popover’s position is set relative to a specified base element with the <em>data-gravity=”LETTER”</em> attribute. LETTER values:

  • ‘n’: the base element is above the Popover
  • ‘s’: the base element is below the Popover
  • ‘e’: the base element is to the east of (to the right of) the Popover (in right-to-left locales)
  • ‘w’: the base element is to the west of (to the left of) the Popover (in right-to-left locale)

UbuntuUI.Popover(elem, id) Parameters:

  • elem <String>

    • The element to which the Popover’s position is relative
  • id <ID>

    • The id attribute of the Popover in HTML
<p id="popoverBase">Text</p>
    <div class="popover active" data-gravity="n" id="popover">
      <ul class="list">
        <li class="active"><a href="#">Item1</a></li>
        <li><a href="#">Item2</a></li>

    var popBase = document.getElementById("popoverBase");
    var popover = UI.popover(popBase, "popover");
  • Methods

element() Returns the DOM element associated with the id this widget is bind to.

var mypopover = UI.popover("popoverid").element();

hide() Hide a Popover

show() Display a Popover

toggle() Toggle show/hide status of a Popover