QtLocation Ratings

The Ratings type holds place rating information.

Import Statement: import QtLocation 5.3
Since: Qt Location 5.0


Detailed Description

Rating information is used to describe how good a place is conceived to be. Typically this information is visualized as a number of stars. The average property gives an aggregated ratings value out of a possible maximum as given by the maximum property.

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtPositioning 5.2
import QtLocation 5.3
Text {
    text: "This place is rated " + place.ratings.average + " out of " + place.ratings.maximum + " stars."

Property Documentation

average : real

This property holds the average of the individual ratings.

See also maximum.

count : int

This property holds the total number of individual user ratings used in determining the overall ratings average.

maximum : real

This property holds the maximum rating value.

ratings : QPlaceRatings

For details on how to use this property to interface between C++ and QML see “Interfaces between C++ and QML Code”.