QtMultimedia CameraFlash

An interface for flash related camera settings.

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia 5.4



Detailed Description

CameraFlash is part of the QtMultimedia 5.0 module.

This type allows you to operate the camera flash hardware and control the flash mode used. Not all cameras have flash hardware (and in some cases it is shared with the torch hardware).

It should not be constructed separately, instead the flash property of a Camera should be used.

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtMultimedia 5.0
Camera {
    id: camera
    exposure.exposureCompensation: -1.0
    flash.mode: Camera.FlashRedEyeReduction

Property Documentation

mode : enumeration

This property holds the camera flash mode.

The mode can be one of the following:

Value Description
Camera.FlashOff Flash is Off.
Camera.FlashOn Flash is On.
Camera.FlashAuto Automatic flash.
Camera.FlashRedEyeReduction Red eye reduction flash.
Camera.FlashFill Use flash to fillin shadows.
Camera.FlashTorch Constant light source, useful for focusing and video capture.
Camera.FlashSlowSyncFrontCurtain Use the flash in conjunction with a slow shutter speed. This mode allows better exposure of distant objects and/or motion blur effect.
Camera.FlashSlowSyncRearCurtain The similar mode to FlashSlowSyncFrontCurtain but flash is fired at the end of exposure.
Camera.FlashManual Flash power is manually set.
ready : bool

This property indicates whether the flash is charged.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when the flashMode property is changed. The corresponding handler is onFlashModeChanged.


This signal is emitted when QCameraExposure indicates that the flash is ready to use. The corresponding handler is onFlashReadyChanged.