QtQml TimeoutTransition

The TimeoutTransition type provides a transition based on a timer.

Import Statement: import QtQml.StateMachine 1.0
Since: Qt 5.4
Inherits: QSignalTransition


Detailed Description

Timer type can be combined with SignalTransition to enact more complex timeout based transitions.

TimeoutTransition is part of The Declarative State Machine Framework .

Example Usage

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtQml.StateMachine 1.0 as DSM
Rectangle {
    Button {
        anchors.fill: parent
        id: button
        text: "Finish state"
        enabled: !stateMachine.running
        onClicked: stateMachine.running = true
        DSM.StateMachine {
            id: stateMachine
            initialState: state
            running: true
            DSM.State {
                id: state
                DSM.TimeoutTransition {
                    targetState: finalState
                    timeout: 1000
            DSM.FinalState {
                id: finalState

See also StateMachine, SignalTransition, FinalState, and HistoryState.

Property Documentation

timeout : int

The timeout interval in milliseconds.